Life with the Bs

5 for Friday


Happy Friday!

1.  Janie and I made Pony-Os for some of the girls on her softball team.  They’re so easy to make.  It just takes a ponytail holder, ribbon and a hot glue gun.  The Orange Crush need to look good while they crush it!

Sept 004

2.  We have plans to go to fair this weekend, as long as the rain holds out.  We love to go to the fair each year.  It’s like the induction into fall!  Who doesn’t love fair food!  I think Tim dreams about a turkey leg.  The rides are okay too!


3. Tim planted watermelon seeds in our garden this year.  Most of them turned black but this one made it, kinda.  He thinks he planted them too late.  It tastes okay though.

Sept 002

4.  One of my fabulous readers asked for a sock rollers tutorial and Janie was happy to oblige.  So here’s our tutorial.  It’s pretty easy and the curls are beautiful!


5.  I got my fall decorations up this week.  I just love pulling these pictures out each year.  And it looks like we’re gonna need a bigger mantel!

Sept 006

Enjoy the weekend!


3 thoughts on “5 for Friday

  1. That tutorial is truly the best!! I can’t wait to try it with my hair!! Those Pony-Os are super cute, too! Love the fun patterns on the ribbons!

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