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Sock rollers


When I was little, my mom used to put my hair in sponge rollers.  I would sleep in them and wake up with beautiful curls.  Well, we don’t have sponge rollers but a friend a mine told me about using socks.  You take long socks, roll the hair around the sock and then tie the sock.  Janie’s hair does not hold curl very well and she gets very frustrated with that.  She asked if we could try the sock rollers the other night and since she doesn’t have school this week, I thought why not!

sockheadHere’s sock head.  No fear, they were clean socks!

It worked!  She woke up with beautiful curls!


Once she had curls, she needed to put on a dress.


All dressed up with no place to go because momma’s gotta work.  At least she looked cute!

3 thoughts on “Sock rollers

  1. What?!?! That is freakin awesome!! Please take pictures showing what you mean by ‘wrapped her hair around them and tied them up.’ Do you think this is something that one could do to herself (ie: me)?

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