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A+ weekend

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What a great weekend!  The weather was beautiful and we did lots of fun stuff.  Of course, my house is a mess, no laundry is done and our fridge is empty but lets talk about the fun stuff……

My weekend started off with a free Salted Carmel Mocha Frappaccino.  I stopped by Starbucks with my coupon for $1 off and they couldn’t get my coupon code to work so they gave it to me!  A sign of a great weekend to come!  Next up was girls night out.  Great company and fabulous food!

We started our Saturday at the ball park for Nolan’s second game.  He did a great job up until the last 15 minutes when he “got tired” and laid on the field.  He still got the game ball for playing so well in the outfield.  He goes after that ball, no matter where it goes.


Tim had a function at church so the kids and I played at the park and had a picnic at the lake since the weather was so awesome.  Then we went home for naps.  Any weekend that I get in a nice nap is a good weekend!

Sept 001

We went to a neighbor’s for s’mores on Saturday night.  I just love fall temperatures!


I got free tickets for the Wizard of Oz in IMAX and 3D on Sunday.  Tim had tickets to the Falcons game so my mom joined the kids and I for the movie.  The kids were worried about the witch but they both enjoyed the movie, on a lap during the witch scenes.


The movie was at Atlantic Station so we walked around afterwards and had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  I love their chopped salad.  I know it’s weird to go to a pizza place and order a salad but it’s so good.



That was our fabulous weekend.  Enjoy your week! 



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