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Mother of the Year

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It’s an award that I won’t be receiving!  Last night, I shut this little guy’s hand in the car door.  And when I say shut, I mean shut the door all the way on his fingers.


It happened at the ball park for Janie’s first game.  His knuckle looked pretty bad so I took him to urgent care, therefore missing Janie’s first game.  They took X-rays of his hand and nothing is broken.  He was actually acting fine by the time they got us back to a room, since there is nothing urgent about urgent care.  This morning he was showing me how he can move them and everything!  I still feel so bad!

Luckily, Tim took lots of pictures and a video of one of Janie’s hits at her game.  She had 4 times at bat and got a single and a double!  So proud of her!  Thankfully, there will be more games and I plan to be at all of them.

Fall Ball 024 Fall Ball 025


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