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Baby Names


This is one of my favorite topics!  It’s so funny that I had baby names picked out as a teen.  I guess I didn’t think about the fact that someone else would have some say in the matter.  My boy names were:

Drake – Tim vetoed because of Dr. Drake Ramoré from Friends

Lyndon – I still love this name but it wasn’t manly enough, according to my husband.

I finally figured out that I needed to pick a boy name that you could yell from sports stands.  So, I went to famous athletes and came up with Nolan.

My girl name was Kyla.  Tim wasn’t fond of K names and we have a niece named Kylee.  I don’t know who came up with Janie.  I’m thinking it was my suggestion since I babysat a Janie as a kid but Tim wrote it on our newlywed questionnaire so who knows!

A few months ago, the morning show that I listen to on my short morning commute was talking about names that were ruined by songs.  Someone called in and said Janie was ruined from the Aerosmith song, “Janie’s Got a Gun”.  Obviously, I don’t agree.  Yes, when we announced that we were having a girl and her name would be Janie, some people broke into song.  Of course, these people were our age.  Janie has never had someone her age reference the 1989 song because her generation doesn’t know Aerosmith.  I love the name and think it fits her so well!

I don’t know that we will have more kids but here are some names that I currently love and I think would go well with Janie and Nolan…..Darla, Bethany, Marla.  I really can’t come up with a boy name!  Maybe I need to look at some sports rosters.

What are your favorite baby names and how did you come up with them?


98 thoughts on “Baby Names

  1. HAHAHA…Dr. Drake Ramore is definitely the first thing that pops in my head when I hear ‘drake’ also. Ha!! I love the name Kyla…I don’t think husbands should be allowed to rule out 1/26th of the names just because he doesn’t like a certain letter. Ha.

  2. Most of our baby names came from family. My son’s middle name is Maxwell after his grandmother’s name, Maxine. His birthday is 2 days before hers.

  3. My daughters are now 17 and 19 years old. So, it’s been a while since I picked baby names. But we had a pretty good system… We tore off a nice long piece of Christmas wrapping paper, turned it over, hung it on the back of our bedroom wall, and made two lists — one for each our favorite names. Every night (or thereabouts), we crossed a name off (firm believers of “veto power”) until there were only a few. Then came long discussions, imagining the worst nick names from the names, imagining the worst pronunciations of the name. Finally we made our choices. Great topic! I love to hear how people choose names. It’s such a huge responsibility!

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  5. I love the name Janie 🙂 Our oldest, Adeline, is named after my grandma, our middle, Maggie, just came to me one morning, and at the time wasn’t on the list of top 100 girls names and our youngest, Corbin, was supposed to be our third girl (Greta- a mom ahead of me at Target had the most adorable little Greta and I fell in love with the name)…The funny thing for Corbin was that we had that name picked out out before our first was born (we saw it on the end credits of a TV show and both really liked it) so when the Dr. said it was a boy instead, the nurses were like “Oh no, what are you going to do for a name???” And we both were like, we got it 🙂

    Dawn from

  6. I honestly am not sure I have thought about baby names. But it’s always funny to hear people talk about them and have their reasons. I’m amazed how long people have planned names!

  7. My husband and I don’t have kids yet so I honestly haven’t thought a whole lot about baby names, but I won’t lie and say that it hasn’t ever crossed my mind. I think I will have a harder time picking boy names. I like some rendition of Grace, Joy or Hope for a girl. I am thinking these would work better as middle names but I am not too worried about picking anything…yet. 🙂

  8. my 9 and 10 year old LOVE Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. But still, I think its hard to find a name that someone doesnt have a connection to. I LOVE the idea of finding a good name to yell in a game since I do lots of that. But I’ve found the coaches just come up with a nickname if you don’t have a good ‘yellin’ name

  9. Our 3 kids all got family names – after aunts, grannies or grandpa’s. My husband and I both had quite unconventional names, and our kids are quite conventional as a result of us both going through life having to spell our names!

  10. Ha! Besides Friends, Drake reminds me of a Harlequin romance hero. (I suppose that’s not a bad thing… ) I love that Janie is not a common name now!

  11. My youngest son didn’t have a name for three days! LOL! We had pick out Cory, but when he was born he looked nothing like a Cory. We ended up settling on Zachary and it fits. We have A, m and Z. Someone recently asked me if we were going to fill in the rest of the letters of the alphabet! um , NO! LOL!

    • That’s funny that you didn’t go with the name you had picked out. I hear of a lot of people that say they want to see the baby first. I think you have the alphabet covered from A to Z 🙂

  12. I’ve never heard “Janie’s Got a Gun”, but now I’m curious to take a listen! I think Janie is a pretty name! I also LOVE the name Nolan!

  13. I name them after people who has great characters, whom I knew in my life….. My 3 kids Isaac, Sophia and James…. Easy to remember and not to though for the old folks to pronounce…..

  14. My daughters name is Emma and each letter stands for someone special we named her after. I love when the name has a great story. On the other hand my sons name is Chase because – well – we liked it 🙂

  15. I just kept suggesting names until I finally got my husband to agree. We’ve got Jacob and Celeste and I love their names although it was a long process to get to them (although I’d still love a little girl named Lucinda – my husband thinks it sounds like a witch).

  16. We are really happy with the names we picked for our 5 kids. I wanted to name our 5th kid Quinn, because I like the name AND it’s my Grandma’s Maiden Name. Hubby didn’t like it… By the time we had the 4th and 5th kids…the older kids were involved too!

  17. I remember well, the days of choosing baby names. I did not get to use any of the names I had dreamed over growing up either. Hubby shot them all down, or I realized they wouldn’t work. We have 8 children, so the name game got quite interesting at times. Lots of fun memories though. My husband wanted strong, solid boy names and feminine girls names. The funniest story is that when one of our daughters was born, I told the nurse her name, she filled out the paper work and made up the cute name cards for her basinette, then my husband says, “that’s not her name”. What? we had gone back and forth between 2 names and he was set on what I thought was his second choice. We redid all the paper work and her name suits her perfectly.
    No one of our grown up daughters is expecting her first, and it’s a lot of fun watching them wrestle and bargain for baby names!

  18. Emma and Margaret (for girls)….and Jackson and Christopher for boys.

    I love the name Janie….and somehow I missed that Aerosmith song…so her name’s safe with me!

  19. With my first born, I chose the name about in about my 4th month. I really wanted a boy so I chose Adrian Jaime but I had the back up as Adrienne Jaimee. Yes, I ended up having to go with the backup name but 31 years later, she is still a great joy to me! However, we will not discuss the teen years here. LOL….

  20. I love baby names:) We have a daughter named Anya and a son named Felix. We always wanted something different but something easy to spell and pronounce.

  21. OH boy, I could write a book! We have 5 kids–Kaylin is our first (Kay for my mom’s middle name, Lynn is my dad’s name.) Karis for our 2nd girl–Charis means Grace in Greek, but I wanted to keep the K’s, Kristiana for our 3rd, but we call her Kristi (just like it and it is derived from Christiana–liked the meaning of following Christ), Joshua is our boy–didn’t like any with K’s for the boys and we found it much harder to find a boy’s name we liked than girl’s names, and Kiley for our 5th. We liked the name Kiley, but found out that the spelling Kylie means “boomerang” and we didn’t want any boomerang children :), so we did a different spelling. So there you go! However, my name is Tammy, and when I was a teenager the older generation would sing “Tammy, Tammy, Tammy’s in love!” to me, (I think from a Doris Day movie), but my generation never had heard that song so I was okay!

  22. It’s been ages since I had to think about a baby name. However, I do remember that when discussing what to name our now 31 year old baby, the Mr. said if we had a boy his name would be Conrad. To say that I didn’t like that name is an understatement. I’m so happy she was a girl and her name is Charisse.

  23. Okay, names are a big deal to a teacher. Trust me! I happen to like Drake, and no lie, my fave girl name is Janie. lol. Guess we think alike. However, I am with your husband that Lyndon doesn’t work. Please, people out there, name your boys with strong names. I like your theory that you have to be able to yell it at a game. Exactly! Good call!

  24. I love traditional names like John or Henry. Otherwise names are not timeless. I really love J names for men. There are so many and they are manly. Jacob, John, Joshua, etc.

  25. I LOVE Shelby…my husband can think up the most random reasons for vetoing a name though. He wouldn’t go with Shelby because there some Star Trek character with the name. Ugghh! We ended up with Madeline.

  26. LOL! I thought up names for my kids when I was young too. I even did it in my teens and twenties. And I’m like you: girl names are so much easier to come up with. We had a ton of girl names for our potential babe, but when we found out it was a boy it took us days to come up with one that we both liked. ~ Bobbi

  27. I have Lillian, Natalie and Sophia. My top choice for a boy is Cameron. Our girl name has always been Abigail but despite having three girls, we still haven’t used it. Lol.

    Growing up, I loved M names. Mackenzie. Makayla. Malina. I never really thought of boy names as a kid. Oops.

  28. My kids names are Nicholas, Candace and Nathan. I originally wanted to go with Nathaniel for my youngest, but my sister has a Daniel…so that was too close…My husband has always says if he HAS to have a girl it will be Candace Marie; we both got our wish I got my girl, and he got his favorite name!

  29. I actually bought a book about the significance of names ( for more info) but in the end we chose Nicholas purely because we liked it.
    Janie is nice. I certainly don’t associate it with the song… you can make your own associations…

  30. I always struggle to come up with names for my babies. I end up with a short list (two or three names) and decide after the baby is born. Seems to work for us!

  31. Dr Drake Ramore! OMG! Blast from the past, much? “…her generation doesn’t know Aerosmith.” What a sad, sad statement.

    We had difficulty picking a girl name (before we knew we were having a boy). We finally decided on Seraphine, but it was not to be. We had a little boy. And I decided 13 years ago what my son’s name would be. William Paul. He was named after his grandfather who passed away 13 years ago.

    I’m still saddened by the Aerosmith thing. It’s just…saddening. I know that wasn’t the focus of the post, but…it’s just saddening.

  32. As a former teacher, I had to eliminate some of my favorite names because they will always be associated with certain students for me. For instance, we will NEVER have a child named Andrew. Ha, ha, ha! In the end, we named our twin boys after our fathers. We like traditional names and it worked out beautifully for our family!

  33. I love our son’s name (Kael). I like that it is a little different to help him stand out, but still has a history rooted in the Gaelic language. It also is closely tied to my brother’s name (Gaelan) and if he grows up to be anything like my little brother, I will be a lucky Momma. Still, with the current healthy eating craze, I do get questions why I supposedly named him after the popular leafy green. We have a few girls names in the works, but if I ever have another boy, we will be hard pressed to find another boy’s name we both agree on.

  34. I love this topic. Here are the names of my children: Mercedes (the movie Licensed to Drive), Colten (the name of one of my boxing opponents), and Chauncey (after Chauncey Rose, a philanthropist)

  35. I love the name Brace and Lafayette…great sports names for sons. For the girls, Madison, Hannah, Brianna, Anna pronounced Onna..My boys always asked why did you name us boring names James and Anthony lol….I told them their dad saved them because they would have been Sage and Serge or Ian and Ivan if it was left up too me…they said Thank you Dad for saving us.

    Cute post brought back memories!

    Kimberly Ann Hawes

  36. Love your names. I enjoyed picking our all four of our children’s names! their first names were original, middle names were family names.

  37. As a former elementary school teacher, coming up with names can be tricky. Every time I hear a name, it can make me smile or run for the hills! There are certainly a few names that I will never use for my future child. On the flip side, some names bring a warmness to me and they go on my list! I always keep my ears open to names I hear around and about and put them in my name file for future use! Great name choices for your kiddos!

  38. We’re done having children, but I still have names picked out just in case. I had picked out my oldest daughter’s name when I was about 7 (I STILL love it), hubby picked our second daughter’s name, and we compromised on our third and fourth girls. I think it’s fun to pick names, even if I won’t be needing them anymore! 🙂

  39. We had so much fun picking names for our children too. Our first was a boy and there is a fun story behind his name. We had gone on a trip to South Africa about a month before we got pregnant. We had won the trip. While there we befriended two Conors. When we found out we were having a boy, we thought naming him Connor would be a fun way to remember the amazing trip we had. It was harder picking a girl’s name for the second one but we finally went with Quinn. We chose it because we wanted something different and like gender-neutral names for girls. But since she was born I have heard the name everywhere! Oh well, we tried for originality:)

  40. Thanks for sharing. This was a fun post. When our daughter was expecting her second child, a boy, her husband claimed the right to select the name because our daughter had selected the name for their first child. Well, we waited and waited to hear what the name was going to be. Ultimately, he announced that he had selected a name. He told my daughter what it was. She told him to wait a moment. She went to the back door, opened it and called out the full name, followed by an instruction to come into the house. Now, grant you, the child has not been born yet. She turned around and told her husband, “yep, that will work”. We all thought it was pretty funny that she needed to check out the name to make sure it would roll off the tongue when she needed it to.

  41. Having an unusual name, I took naming my daughter very, very seriously. I had a number of rules that HAD to be followed. Also, I got to name her since my husband and I had an arrangement that he got to name a boy and I got to name a girl. I won! Her middle name, Brynn, is from the TV show “Big Love” ( and she’s older than Bethanny’s kid) and her first name is just one that I liked.

    Not a very interesting story but it’s ours.

  42. I don’t have kids yet, but I have a long list of my favorite names. I have always loved the name Jackson (for a boy), and Kenzie (for a girl). 🙂

  43. I tried to pick names that weren’t on the top 100 list (social security website) – so my oldest daughter’s name is Jewel. However, I fell in love with Jasmine for my youngest daughter and named her that even though it was in the top 100! I really like Ethan and Ezra for boys.

    • I also look at the popularity of a name. Nolan is a little more popular than I would like but it was a name that we could agree on so we had to go with it. The Jennifers of the 70s have turned out okay 🙂

  44. My husband and I picked out a boys name when I was pregnant with my first. Andrew Steven would have been named after both of our fathers. Alas, we had no boys, only 3 girls. For my youngest, my husband and I both liked Abigail Grace, but our neighbors, who we go to church with and our girls go to school with their girls had an Abigail and a Gracie. We wanted an unusual name but not so far out that people would look at us like we had gave birth to an alien. My husband was listening to the radio one day when he was driving around for work and called me and said “I have the perfect name for the baby! I just heard Kenny Chesney on the radio…what about Chesney Grace?” I LOVED it! Chesney Grace is now 6 years old!

  45. Janie is a great name. 🙂 Picking out names for our two boys was hard for us. We finally came up with one for my oldest and when I was pregnant a second time, we thought I was having a girl. Imagine our surprise when I had another boy. We really had a hard time then coming up with a name. We had already picked what we thought was the perfect girl name. But alas, we feel we did OK, with Nathan and Matthew. 🙂

  46. I seem to like names that come out of British royalty, though my family isn’t English and not royal either. Elizabeth and Margaret for girl’s names and James, John and Michael for boys. Nice names and lots of great nicknames. Fun question!

  47. I have fallen in love with boy names for girls – Charlie, Evan, Ross etc. It’s crazy thought how our choices evolve over time!

  48. I went through many favorite names throughout my teen years and more recently since I hope to have children in the near future. Most of the names stem or come from my favorite movies and television shows, which may be sad, lol. Though, I was named after someone from a book my mom was reading. My husband has now thrown in names from video games, which are generally interesting. We’ll see what happens down the line though, haha.

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