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Deals, deals, deals


Welcome to day 3 of the commenting challenge.  Today we are blogging about recent pins or favorite tips.  I haven’t tried many pins lately but you can see a post on completed pins here.

Today, I will share my favorite thing – saving money!  I love a good deal.  I got all of this at CVS yesterday for just over $5!

CAM00961Here are some of my tips:

Ibotta – This is an app that you can download for free.  They have different offers that you can purchase at a number of stores.  Then you take a picture of your receipt, scan the barcode on your item and get money in your Ibotta account.  If you redeem 5 offers within the first two weeks of registering, you get $10, on top of the offers that you redeemed.  You withdraw money through PayPal.  I just started but already have 2 offers so just 3 more to go!

Shopathome – I love this!  I have earned $442.04 through doing my online shopping through Shopathome since 2009.  All you do is go there first, enter the store that you are looking for and get a percent back on your purchase when you link over.  We purchased our washer and dryer from Home Depot this way.  We went to the store to see what kind we wanted, came home and got the Black Friday price online with free shipping but from linking over from Shopathome, we got 6% cash back.  This came to an extra $100 off!

Swagbucks – I’ve been using Swagbucks as my search engine since 2009 as well.  I’ve received over $250 in Amazon gift cards since I started.  All you do is search!  They give you lots of other opportunities to earn Swagbucks as well – surveys, daily polls, NOSO, shopping and coupons.

I love these deal site as well – Zulily, Groupon and MyHabit (you can use your Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks at MyHabit).

You can view more money saving posts here.

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4 thoughts on “Deals, deals, deals

  1. Thanks for the money saving tips! I’m all about saving money. I always forget to use Shop at Home and eBates when I shop online. I need to put a big fat sticky note by my computer so I can remember!

  2. My bff is addicted to groupon! Every time we go out, it’s because she got some kind of crazy deal through groupon!

    Stopping by from Jenna’s Commenting Challenge!

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