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Summer Strep

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Who gets strep throat in the summer???? Nolan does!  It’s so weird, I picked him up from school on Tuesday and he had a rash on his arms and legs.  I took him back into school to see if they noticed it and they said that it must be from something outside.  He and a friend were playing in the leaves so that must have been it.  I gave him some Benadryl and the rash was mostly gone by Wednesday.

Yesterday, I picked him up from school and he said that his neck hurt.  He said that he couldn’t put his head back….weird!   I figured maybe he did something to it.  We came home and he said that his tummy hurt so he laid on the couch.  Then he came to sit with me and he was burning up.  We headed to the Minute Clinic… thankful that we have one up the street!  And sure enough, he has strep.  Then it all started to come together, he had the strep rash and kids sometimes say that their neck hurts, instead of their throat.

As long as Nolan is feeling up to it tomorrow and the weather holds up, we are planning to go tubing.  With the weather we’ve had this summer, that’s a gamble!


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