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Rain, rain and more rain

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For the past week, we have had rain every day (except today – so far).  We’ve seen more rain here than we did in the rain forest, go figure!  All of the 4th of July festivities around us were cancelled.  Nolan’s school had to move their parade inside so the kids just marched down the hall.  They were still super cute and it didn’t bother them that they were stuck in the hall.  They also had a very festive snack……

I don’t know what’s up with the serious face.


We had a “cook in” on the 4th of July with neighbors.  They brought this sweet treat….


We tried to get the little ones to watch a movie so we could play Uno with the older kids.  This lasted all of 5 minutes…..


By Saturday, we had energy to burn so I took the kids to an indoor play place with some friends.


It was a girlfriend’s birthday yesterday so I checked her Pinterest page to see what kind of dessert she liked.  She had this Butterfinger Pie pinned 3 times.  With only 4 ingredients, it looked like a winner to me!  We had gone out for Mexican with the in-laws and I was super full.  I did take a bite though and it was pretty good.  You can’t go wrong with cream cheese and Butterfinger!



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