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Our Trip to Costa Rica


More info on our trip can be found here.

Accommodations:  We stayed at Hotel Makanda by the Sea and it was gorgeous!  It’s a adult only hotel with only a handful of villas and studios.  The staff was great and so personal (we got a ride into town from the owner) since it’s such a small hotel.  We got a great package through Luxury Link.

Our bed when we arrived.

Costa Rica 051

The villa…there was a little kitchen on the right and a hall with a beautiful bathroom and a walk in closet on the left.

Costa Rica 062

They come to the room and setup your breakfast on that table each morning.

Costa Rica 063

And the hammock that I spent a lot of time on.

Costa Rica 058

Food:  The food in Costa Rica is awesome!  Lots of rice and beans, even for breakfast.  There really wasn’t anything that I tried that I didn’t like.  I think my favorites were patacones and ceviche (pictured below).

Costa Rica 001

Animals:  There is wildlife all over the place.  Tim was in heaven!  There were three kinds of monkeys right outside our villa.

The White Faced Monkey

Costa Rica 095c

The Titi Monkey

Costa Rica 075

There were also Howler Monkeys.  They are so loud that you really feel like you should run for your life!  I was told that they are the second loudest animal, behind the whale.

We also saw HUGE crocodiles!

Costa Rica 041

Activities:  We rode horses to a beautiful waterfall.  It was a lot of fun to ride through the rainforest though we didn’t see any animals.  It was over a two hour ride on horseback…..I have never wished for more meat on my butt and thighs!  Luckily, the view was worth the ride.

Costa Rica 024 Costa Rica 032 Costa Rica 035

We also went to Manuel Antonio Park.  Unfortunately, it rained hard all day but we were prepared and it was still fun to walk around.  We saw a sloth way up in a tree, some monkeys, two snakes and an alligator.

Costa Rica 003

Eyelash Palm Pit Viper

Costa Rica 006

Bird snake

Costa Rica 007

Costa Rica is a beautiful place to visit!  It was more expensive than I expected.  Some locals were telling us that gas is $7 a gallon and most people there only make $20 a day.  They have many of the same political and economic problems that we do.  Everyone was so friendly though and there is very little crime.  I’m so glad that we chose to spend our anniversary there!

3 thoughts on “Our Trip to Costa Rica

  1. So awesome!! I can’t believe there were so many monkeys right at your villa! How cool is that! But the CROCODILES??! Yeah I could do without those. 🙂 How far away from you were they?

  2. Thanks for sharing! I was thinking about going there for an anniversary and loved having a first hand account:)!

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