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Tim and I are celebrating 10 years of mostly wedded bliss this week.  I purchased The Newlyweds’ Predictionary that we each filled out, along with a few friends.  Our predictions for our lives and marriage were pretty spot on.  We both predicted that we would have two kids and we got their birth years pretty close.  Tim even wrote down Janie (he spelled it Janey) for our daughter.  Pretty funny because I though I picked her name???  It was evident how much relationships with family members and friends have changed through the years (most for the better).

Then we got the questionnaires that our friends and family filled out.  And this is where I disappoint……..

CAM00888Six of the eight questionnaires said that I or both would have earned a fortune….not so much!  Of course these were filled out in 2003 so maybe I can blame the economy.  And this one with four kids, wow!  Also, most people said that I would be driving a minivan.  I can say that I do not own a minivan, although I am a little jealous of a button that open and closes the door.  These were really fun to read.  I have a few left, maybe we will fill them out to open in another 10 years!


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