Life with the Bs

Midweek Randoms


I tried CrossFit this weekend…….ouch!  It was a great workout but I have been in pain since.  Luckily, I can straighten my arms today.
We went out with some friends on Saturday night after the kids went to bed.  It’s pretty cool to have friends with kids that can babysit!

Nolan caught his first fish this weekend!  He gave Tim a heart attack when he almost fell off the dock.  Luckily, the rope caught him!
CAM00333He also got his first bee sting.  He picked up a piece of wood that had a carpenter bee in it.  He seemed to recover very quickly.  He said, “a treat will make me feel better!”

Janie is loving Vacation Bible School this week.  She put on a show to all of her songs for us last night!

CAM00847We are getting ready for Nolan’s pirate (I just noticed that it said private, ha) birthday party this weekend.  Here’s a sneak peek at the food labels that I made.  He is super excited!

CAM00849If you could take a moment to vote for Nolan’s picture, that would be great!  It’s a Father’s Day contest through Cycle Gear.  I would love for Tim to win some gear for his bike!

It’s Huuuuump Daaaaaay!  Have you seen that commercial?  It’s Tim’s new favorite!


2 thoughts on “Midweek Randoms

  1. CrossFit?!?! Yikes! I think it looks amazing and like I might die. Way to go trying it, though!!

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