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Sunscreen application

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I am horrible about evenly applying sunscreen on myself.  Here’s what my arm looks like this weekend.  The other arm has a similar design.  I made sure to get my shoulders but kind of neglected the rest of my arm.

CAM00842Here’s another example.  We were on a cruise and I generally keep my shorts on so I put sunscreen on my legs with them on.  I decided to try the water slide so I took my shorts off.  Well, I never put them back on nor did I apply sunscreen to the top of my legs.

The girl that took this picture asked, “now, how did you do that?”  It’s a real skill that I possess.

And one more example.  Check out the body art on my left arm.

Luckily, I am much better at applying sunscreen to other people!

One thought on “Sunscreen application

  1. You’re a dork!

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