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The adult onesie


Tim and I went the movies last week.  As I was standing in line at the concession stand (you can’t go to the movies with popcorn), I noticed a teen wearing high waist jean shorts.  The girl pulled them off, she was probably 17, not much she couldn’t pull off.  She had a tight tank top tucked into the jean shorts and I thought about how it would be hard to tuck something in to those shorts.  Then I had to question if it was a bodysuit, because that’s what I would have worn under my high waist jeans in the early 90s.  My next thought was…..of course bodysuits aren’t coming back.  Would anyone over the age of 12 months want to wear a onesie, I think not!

To my surprise, I found this hanging on the rack at Target this weekend.

CAM00798The adult onesie is making a comeback!  Or maybe not since it was the clearance rack.  But it was the only one that I saw so I assume they sold a few.  And what do you wear under a shear onesie???


2 thoughts on “The adult onesie

  1. AHHHHH!!! I am scarred for life I think. I definitely rocked a bodysuit (adult onesie is much more accurate terminology, though) in elementary school! But so true– a sheer one? Can’t exactly throw a black cami under your onesie, can you?? Yikes. Frightening.

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