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Confidence in Motherhood

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I’m linking to Kelly’s Korner today for the Build Em Up Series.  Today’s topic is confidence in motherhood.  There are so many choices that come with being a parent….

disposable or cloth diapers

breast or bottle fed

working mom or stay at home mom

swaddle or no swaddle

schedule or let the baby lead the way

spank or time out

And the list could go on!  That’s a lot of choices and you don’t even know this person.  I don’t think parenthood needs to be so black and white.  Kids need structure but they are also pretty adaptable.  I know every time we made a BIG change…..moving from the bassinet to the crib, first time going to bed without nursing, moving from the crib to toddler bed…..Tim and I were so worried about how it was going to go and expected the worst.  Well, guess what, it wasn’t such a BIG change for my kids.  We were shocked when they just went with the flow.  There were a few tears on occasion but it wasn’t the horrible night that we were fearing.

I don’t think you need to put yourself in one camp or the other.  Try different things.  See what works with your family.  When it doesn’t work anymore, change it up.  I still haven’t figured some things out and my kids are 7 and 3.  Consistency is key but it doesn’t make sense to keep doing something that isn’t working for you.


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