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Last Game

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I cannot believe that this is the last week of school!

We had a good weekend.  Janie went to a birthday party on Saturday morning.  We had to leave before they headed to Build a Bear because we had to get to Nolan’s last baseball game.  I wasn’t too disappointed about not bringing another stuffed animal into our house.  It seems like we have them everywhere and Janie can tell me why each one is special so her so I can argue, even though I only see her with it after it “almost” makes it to the Goodwill bag.

This big guy got to meet us at the game.  We were so happy to see Jacob!  His mom was picking up our stroller.  That was pretty much the last of the baby stuff….kinda sad but so happy that we can pass it on!

May 2013 020Nolan had fun at his last game.  Here are the things that I think he picked up the season:

  • It’s really cool how they can make white dirt on the field.
  • It’s fun to put dirt in your hat, glove, shoes and pants.
  • When you have a bat, you must swing when a ball is coming at you.
  • When people yell, you should run somewhere.
  • You stand with your hands on your knees and then run to the ball no matter where it goes.  Whoever gets the ball wins the game.
  • After the game, you put your hand out and walk by the other team.
  • The best part of the game is the snack and drink that you get at the end.

baseballHe was super excited about his trophy.  I’m proud of our little ball player!

May 2013 037


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