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Midweek update

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I am so happy to see the sun!  It has been so rainy and cold here.  Janie’s field day and lemonade wars were cancelled on Monday and Tuesday.  Such a bummer!

I finally got out of my reading rut!  Looks like this will be the first book that I actually finish (excluding The Boxcar Children and Ramona the Brave) in a long time.  It’s still free on the Kindle and Nook so go get your copy!

Janie has her dance recital this weekend.  I’m really excited and kind of nervous!  I hope it will be better than her last recital…….

She pretty much did this the whole time.  Granted, she was only 3 and it’s hilarious now!

Nolan’s eye is healing well.  He gave me another scare Monday night though.  He flipped off the back of the couch and landed on his head on our hardwoods.  It happened at bedtime so I kept him up for awhile to make sure he was okay.  He really enjoyed The Voice so I’m thinking that was his plan all along!

I’ve always wanted to try BareMinerals but I’m cheap frugal.  I was at Ross (it’s like TJ Maxx) a few weeks ago and saw a mineral makeup kit for fair skin for $7.99.  Of course, I had to give it a try.  When I put it on, I look like I’m going to the Oscar’s….as the trophy!  Not quite the look that I had in mind.


One thought on “Midweek update

  1. I hear the Oscar Trophy look is really in this year??? 🙂 Ha! Well, don’t write mineral makeup off altogether!! Go to a Sephora or Ulta and let them find the right colors and combination of products…perhaps do this after you win the lottery so that the sticker shock won’t be the end of you. 🙂

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