Life with the Bs

It’s so hard to say goodbye

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Janie made friends with a little girl on the bus in Kindergarten.  This was the first friendship that she established without me.  She made friends in preschool, of course, but we always knew the parents and planned play dates.  I had never heard of Taylor, didn’t know where she lived or who her parents were.  It turns out that Taylor comes from a great family and has a little sister that is just a year younger than her.  The three girls became great friends!

Taylor and Avery are moving across the country on the last day of school.  I remember the tears that fell when I told Janie that they were moving.  I don’t think it has really hit her though because as we talk about summer plans, she asks if the girls can join her for different activities.  Some friends threw a surprise going away party for them this weekend.  It was great to get all of the kids together on last time!

May 013I really hope that the girls will keep in touch!  I would love for them to be pen pals.  Remember the excitement that you would get from getting stuff in the mail?

The party was at the bowling alley and it was Nolan’s first time bowling.  This is what he did each turn…..

May 036Unfortunately, it didn’t help much!


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