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It’s all in the eyes

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I got a call from Nolan’s school around lunch time on Friday saying that he was hit with a wooden block and they wanted me to come up there.  They said they didn’t think he needed stitches but they wanted me to make the call.  I’m not good with blood or emergencies but I went up there, of course.  The gash was small but I’m no pro with this stuff so I took him up to the Minute Clinic.  They do not treat cuts but she looked at it and said that she thought he was okay, just to ice it to get the swelling down.  I ran by another pharmacy to get a second opinion.  We know the pharmacist so I asked him if he thought we might need some of that glue stuff but he agreed that there was no need.  Scars are cool on guys, right?  Maybe his scar will start a trend, like Vanilla Ice!

CAM00747Nolan was such a tough guy!  He didn’t cry at all.  He woke up on Saturday with some nice purple and pink eye shadow though.

We got Nolan’s baseball pictures on Saturday.  Tim and I looked at them and he said…..”well, he has your eyes!”

crazyeyesHe’s referring to my crazy eyes!  We have big eyes and sometimes in pictures, they come out looking a little, maybe a lot, crazy!  We can’t help it; we were born this way.  Now do I have to wear the button?  He loves baseball but I don’t know that he is CRAZY about it!


One thought on “It’s all in the eyes

  1. Ha!! Love the ‘crazy eyes’!! 🙂

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