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Track weekend

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After watching the weather and going back and forth all week, our family packed up and headed to the motorcycle track in Florida.  Tim tries to go to the track a few times a year.  Honestly, it scares me (even though it is much safer than riding on the streets) so I have only gone once but some of his family was coming up so we decided that we would all go.  It was a great chance for the kids to see their daddy in action.

Nolan had been once and this was Janie’s first time.


We were going to camp at the track all weekend but it rained all night on Friday and it was very cold so we opted for a hotel.  I wish we had done the same on Saturday night because the low was 48 and we froze!  Janie and I ended up on the very, very small backseat of the truck and the boys stayed in the tent.  None of us woke up well rested.

Despite the cold temps at night, we had a great weekend!  The kids got to meet a second cousin for the first time.  We got to see Tim do really well in a mock race.

Nolan found a little lizard friend

CAM00735Tim’s fan club

CAM00741(1)Nolan is ready to ride

CAM00740Nolan and Jacob

CAM00739Janie loved playing with her baby cousins



My C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R


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