Life with the Bs

Happy Friday

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I’ve done well keeping up with the 30 day cleaning challenge.  It helped that we had company coming!  I tackled the guest bedroom on one of the bedroom days.

CAM00672We cleaned the hardwoods as well.  Sadly, this rarely gets done.  I’m good with vacuuming but I really dislike scrubbing the floors.  Luckily, I have free labor!

CAM00697(1)Here is yesterday’s project…..a clean living room.


Janie and I tried out the cake pop maker on banana nut muffin balls.  I forgot to spray the first set so many of them stuck when we opened it.  Janie said, “it’s a good thing we aren’t on Cupcake Wars!”  They turned out pretty good and made an easy breakfast the next morning.

CAM00688One of my college roommates came into town this week.  I don’t think we have seen each other since my graduation party.  It was so nice to meet her family and catch up!  There is a picture of my best friend Jennifer, Julie and I at the beach the summer after 10th grade somewhere but I can’t seem to find it.  In the middle picture below, we are trying to recreate that picture but it’s just not the same without the original!  The pictures on the side, from that same trip, will have to do.



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