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Taking Care of Me


I’m joining Kelly’s Korner today for the Build ‘Em Up series.  Today is about taking care of you.  As mothers, we are the ones behind the camera, in the kitchen, or at work.  It’s hard to find time for ourselves while still doing everything that needs to be done.  Even though mommy guilt comes along with doing stuff for ourselves, we have to find time to do it.  Here are my suggestions:

– Keep in touch with your girlfriends.  We all need friends.  Although I now see them once a month/year, rather than once a day/week it’s important to maintain a relationship with friends.

We used the movie Bridesmaids as a reason to pull out the dresses that we just knew we would be able to wear again.

– Go on vacation with your spouse.  Although you will most likely talk about the kids the whole time, I think it’s so important to take a trip or even get a night away everyone once in awhile.012– Ask for help.  My husband is great and willing to help but most times I have to ask for it.  When I’m frantically trying to clean the house and the little tornadoes are messing up right behind me, I can ask him to take them somewhere and he’s happy to get them out of here.  I can clean the house in peace and that makes me happy!

– Most of all, don’t feel guilty.  This is something that I struggle with but I’m a better mom and wife when I take time to work out, have a glass of wine with neighbors and spend time with my girlfriends.


9 thoughts on “Taking Care of Me

  1. I found your blog via the linkup series! Just wanted to say that I too am working on not feeling guilty! It is so hard as a mom and I continue to struggle with it as well.

  2. love this!!! so true too! with jason traveling all the time I’ve been much more willing to take a day when I get it and not feel guilty! LOVE the bridesmaids idea. . .i’ve got to find a reason to do that, how fun!

  3. love this and thanks for linking up!

  4. I too love the Bridesmaids idea! Awesome!

  5. Love all of your ideas. I need to make an effort to take more vacations with my husband, thanks for the reminder and for linking up!

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