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Happy Thursday!

Remember Janie’s leprechaun catcher…..she did great on it.  Her presenting skills do not come from her parents!

CAM00647If you follow me on instagram (lifewiththebs), then you already saw this but it was so funny, I have to share again.  Nolan was eating his chocolate bunny, when he finished he said, “that was a hot mess!”

CAM00663I have not been doing well with my eating.  I’m still logging Monday – Friday on myfitnesspal but it’s not pretty.  All this Easter candy in my house is not helping either.  Mom, go back to putting pennies in the Easter eggs, please!

We had a couple of days of nice weather this week so we got out and enjoyed it.

CAM00669 CAM00666I’m joining moneysavingmom’s

I missed the first 2 days but I’m going to try to do this on my lunch break every day.  Yesterday, was the bedroom.

CAM00671This is what I found under our bed.  The golf club came in handy in getting the rest of the stuff out from under there.  I vacuumed under the bed, our cornice board and the blinds!  I will try to do a weekly update on my progress.

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