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I’ve got big calves and I cannot lie

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I hope you can figure out the song above 🙂  I have been on a search for a good pair of black boots all winter with no luck.  I have big calves and it’s hard to find boots that I can tuck jeans into.  I had pretty much given up on black boots.  Until I ran into these at Kohl’s the other day. were in a box that said size 7 and was marked down from $99.99 to $9.99….score!  I tried them on and they zipped over my jeans, not even skinnies.  I was so excited!  I thought that my foot felt a little snug so I looked at the size on the boot and they were a size 6…..bummer.  I search all over to see if I could find the 7 only to realize that the box they were in was a different brand.  I brought them up front to see if they had another pair in the store.  They didn’t but she confirmed that they were $9.99 and also marked down from $99.99.  After checking online and other stores, they told me that this was pretty much the last pair of these boots anywhere.

What did I do?  I bought boots that are a size too small but look great, fit over my jeans and came to $9 with my coupon!  Moral of the story……if the shoe doesn’t fit but it’s a great buy, you deal with sore feet.  We will see if I feel the same way next winter, after wearing the boots a few times.


One thought on “I’ve got big calves and I cannot lie

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