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It has been a rough week but I know that life goes on.  The Smith family is never far from my mind though.  Please continue to pray for them!

With Janie’s birthday, I never got a chance to post pictures of her leprechaun catcher.  This was one of our first big school projects and I can honestly say that I’m not excited about them!  Oh well, we got it done and turned in.

7th birthday 001Check out Nolan’s new kicks.  I got these shipped to the house for $9 from Myhabit using two Amazon gift cards that I got with my Swagbucks!  He loves his new “shark shoes”.

CAM00625Our dog broke out in hives last week.  It freaked us out!  After some Benadryl and taking him out front, instead of the backyard, we figured out it was the Moo-Nure that Tim bought for our garden!

CAM00631(1)Since we are still having winter weather (we had snow today), we treated our dry hands to some paraffin wax this evening.

CAM00644Tim even joined the soft hands club!

CAM00645(1)Is anyone else watching Smash?  I’m still watching but they need a good story line soon because they’re losing me!

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