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Balance Bike

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Have you heard of a balance bike?  We have a few friends that got one for their kids and raved about it.  Considering that Janie still doesn’t ride a bike, I thought it might be a good idea to get one for Nolan.  Luckily, Santa came through!

CAM00621A balance bike has no pedals.  The child uses their feet to make the bike go and then just lifts up their legs to balance.  When they feel unsteady or slow down, they can simply put their feet down.  Once they have the balance thing down, there is no need for training wheels.  Nolan already has it down and I think he may be ready for a pedal bike.  It’s pretty amazing!

CAM00623It’s hard to get an action shot with the boy!

Balance bikes can be quite expensive.  I have seen them on Zulily and Totsy at decent prices.  Santa told me that he found this one at Tuesday Morning.  The seat moves up and down.  We have it on the lowest setting for Nolan.  It holds up to 50 lbs.

Now, what do you do about a 7 year old that has no interest in riding a bike???

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