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One more day

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Dakotah was my “camper” at MDA camp for a number of years.  Yesterday, she lost her battle with Muscular Dystrophy, although there is nothing about this girl that said loser.  Dakotah was a fighter!  She never let MD hold her back.  She was a great power soccer player and trained all over the world.  Dakotah went to college, lived on campus, got a job and lived on her own.  She was such a strong person.  Dakotah was not afraid of death.  I know that she is running through Heaven today.

Our last picture together

Cookie & Christmas 041 Summer 2012 104109_0968

Other than people that are related to me, I think Dakotah was the biggest fan of my blog.  If I had one more day with her on this earth, we would have planned that lunch that we talked about last month so I could meet her new nephew.  I would have told her what an impact she had on my life and that I love her.  Dakotah, you will be greatly missed!


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