Life with the Bs

Birthday weekend

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We had a weekend full of birthday festivities!  It started with an Accelerated Reader party at school.  The kids got to bring in board games so that was lots of fun.

Then we had our first birthday sleepover!  We had eight girls over and all but one spent the night.  That’s a lot of little girls but it really wasn’t so bad.  They were asleep about 11:30 and up about 7:30.

7th birthday 019Pizza time

7th birthday 021The nails and makeup cake

7th birthday 037c7th birthday 040The inside of the cake.  My best friend’s mom is amazing!

7th birthday 002Green chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast!

7th birthday 005These were our craft and party favor.  They are little slumber party cakes that the girls made with my best friend’s mom.  While half the group was making cakes, the other half was doing makeup.  They all chose RED lipstick!

7th birthday 006These were just too cute!

7th birthday 012Nolan even got to participate!

After Nolan’s baseball game on Saturday, Janie got to go home with my parents.  They went out to dinner and then she got to spend the night.  And on Sunday, we had dinner with both sets of grandparents at my in-laws house.  And the party continues because we are meeting my sister and nieces for dinner this week.


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