Life with the Bs


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As I mentioned, Janie woke up with croup on Sunday.  She seemed okay during the day but then woke up with fever on Monday.  Since her birthday party is on Friday and my kids are notorious for getting sick on birthdays and holidays, I wanted to get her checked out.  Her strep test came back negative so they told me to just treat her symptoms.  She rested yesterday and was feeling better today so I sent her to school.

Nolan had a follow up with the ENT today.  He got tubes when he was 11 months old.  One fell out but the other one is still in and he complains about that ear quite often.  Nolan has been acting fine, other than complaining about that ear.  Anyway, the doctor said that his ear looked good but his throat was red.  She did a strep test and it was positive!  This is the second time that he has been fine, we go to a ENT checkup and he’s got strep.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I never knew when he had an ear infection either.

Thankfully, strep has a quick fix.  I just hope that no one else gets it, especially our birthday girl!


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