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The rest of the weekend

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Baseball didn’t take up our whole weekend.  Here’s the rest of our weekend in cell phone pictures………

I took Janie, a friend of hers and one of my nieces to a pre-screening of The Croods on Saturday morning (thanks CineMoms).  The movie is super cute!  The showing was at one of the theaters that serves food so that was a special treat for the girls.

CAM00598 CAM00600Saturday was PJ day at our local Bruster’s.  If you wore your pajamas, you got a free waffle cone and they don’t skimp.  Luckily, Nolan opted for the baby cone with a face.  Good thing because we went after dinner and I don’t think he would have ever gone to bed with that much ice cream!

CAM00602Tim and I are horrible with this time change thing!  We always forget and when you use your children as an alarm clock, you miss it!  Janie woke up with croup so we couldn’t all go to church anyway.  I got ready for church in about 5 minutes and headed out the door.  As much as I love going to church as a family, it’s nice to go alone and focus on the mass.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out at home since Janie was sick.  Her birthday is this coming weekend so I put together her birthday present.  She says she was surprised even though she knew what she was getting 🙂

CAM00607 CAM00609(1)Looks like a big girl room!


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