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Snow, Food Pantry, Baseball and Motorcycles

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Yes, it is March and yes, we had snow in Georgia!  Not much snow but my kids still woke up Saturday morning ready to play in it.  It was soooooooo cold!

Mar 2013 004I told you there wasn’t much snow!

Mar 2013 008See the baby snowball in between the chair and Janie’s coat.

Mar 2013 010Janie was able to create a big snow ball with ALL of the snow from the deck, chairs and table!

Janie and I worked at the food pantry at our church.  It was fun and I was glad that she was able to help!

CAM00592Next up was Nolan’s scrimmage game.  I expected a disaster since it was snowing, freezing and they had one practice prior to the game.  However, I was very impressed!  Nolan was really into it!  He loved playing the outfield and went after every ball.  The second inning, he got most of the balls that were hit and threw them to first.  He was pretty good!  We need to work on batting though.  Once he hit the ball off the tee, he went after the ball, instead of running to first base.  Hilarious!

Mar 2013 013CHe swung a little late but look at that form 🙂

Mar 2013 012C

Baseball ready (I think the other coach said that 500 times!)

During the team huddle after the game, another mom and I noticed one the of kids run from our huddle to the other dugout.  He was with the wrong team!  I just love watching these little guys.  Too funny!

The boys went to Nuclear Cowboyz today.  It was a dirt bike stunt show.  Tim sent me this picture and said that Nolan didn’t like the fireworks.  Poor little guy!

CAM00240Luckily, I saw this picture when they got home.  Nolan loved it after he got used to the noise.

CAM00242(1)Janie and I killed a few hours at the mall with her grandmas.  We had a great weekend!  And I have to say, I’m pretty excited about being a baseball mom!


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