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Dr. Suess’s Birthday

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Today is Dr. Suess’s birthday.  Janie’s school had lots of fun activities planned.  Her teacher had the class dress up like characters from The Lorax.  We own this movie and I still haven’t seen it!  Janie was one of the bears, her teacher was a truffula tree and her friend was a fish.  Her class looked great!

Cat in the Hat 005 Cat in the Hat 002 Cat in the Hat 006I have to share a few Nolan funnies……

This was our conversation while putting his coat on this morning:

Me: Does your class go outside when it’s this cold?

Nolan: No.

Me: Yeah, they don’t want you to catch a cold.

Nolan: Or catch on fire!

That’s a problem in preschool, ya know.  Kids spontaneously combust on the playground when it’s cold outside.

When I picked him up this afternoon, his teacher said that he was sneezing a lot.  We got in the car and Nolan told me that he has the snuffles.  I laughed and he said, “I was snuffed up!”

He is supposed to have his first scrimmage baseball game tomorrow.  Considering that he has had one practice and it’s supposed to be in the 40’s, this could be interesting!


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