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The kids were out of school today so we took a quick little overnight trip to Chattanooga.  Tim and I had gone to Rock City and Ruby Falls as teenagers so we were excited to visit again.  It was really cold for the South this weekend though.  In fact, it was so cold that they cancelled Nolan’s baseball practice on Saturday.  So we decided to pass on Rock City.  We got to Chattanooga late Sunday morning.  We had lunch at Sugar’s.  I had chicken tacos and they were fabulous!  Then we went to the Creative Discovery Museum.  It was a great children’s museum, much better than the one that we have in Atlanta.

Chattanooga 004 Chattanooga 006c Chattanooga 009Nolan wasn’t sure about climbing so Tim went with him.  Now that’s a good daddy!

Chattanooga 017c Chattanooga 018After the museum, we checked in at the Hilton Garden Inn.  We got the room for $70 using Priceline’s name your price.  Then we headed out for pizza and drove by the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

Chattanooga 036cSunday morning, we went back to the Choo-Choo so we could see the train.  Nolan was really looking forward to this!

Chattanooga 040 Chattanooga 041 Chattanooga 043Next up was Ruby Falls.  Janie was pretty excited about it.  She told our tour guide where she thinks the water comes from, she’s got it all figured out!

Chattanooga 044c Chattanooga 065We hit the outlet mall on the way home.  It’s always fun to get Tim’s into a store.  It doesn’t happen often!  We had a nice night away!


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