Life with the Bs


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Today marks the first day of Lent.  This means that my posts will be sporadic because I’m giving up web browsing (blogging, Facebook, etc) until my kids are in bed.  I figure that my work and kids could use more of my attention so that’s what I plan to give them for the next 6 weeks.  Hopefully, I will find out that it’s not so bad and make a permanent change.

Today at mass, our priest talked about how it can just be a small thing that you give up.  He used ketchup as an example.  I told Janie that would be a perfect thing for her to give up.  Her response was, “but what if I eat something that needs ketchup?”  I think she’s missing the point!

We are also encouraged to add something good in during Lent.  This could be going to daily mass, being more prayerful, or giving of your time.  I want to come up with a bag(s) of things to donate.  I know I have lots of stuff that can find a new home but I also want to look into working at our church’s food pantry.  I hoping that this is something that Janie can do with me!


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