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Thoughts for Thursday

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I got a Snuggie for Christmas.  I’m always cold and need free arms for the computer so it was a great gift for me.  I just wish it was a little more, well, snug.  It’s a lot of fabric!

Nolan picked out robot jamies the other night.  I said that he had to do the robot when he got them on.  I forgot about it and turned around to see him moving his arms in an odd way…..he was trying to do the robot.  Tim walked around the corner about the same time and caught him doing it.  Hilarious!

Our Starbucks sold out of their Pumpkin Spice.  No more $1 lattes, so sad!  I had 6 in a week so it’s really a blessing!

Nolan has his first baseball practice this Saturday.  He’s on the Dodgers.  I am so excited!  I can’t wait to see what he does.

Get a free nursing cover at (love the name) with promo code Valentines2013.  I had one and they are a must have!

Janie has a homework board each week.  One of the options is to write a sentence with her spelling words.  She usually has 6 spelling words so it’s pretty hard to come up with a sentence with all of the words.  We’ve come up with some pretty crazy run-on sentences.  It just hit me the other day that she just has to write a sentence using each word, not one sentence with them all!  Yes, it took me over half the year to figure that out!

Tim and I are planning a trip for our 10 year wedding anniversary.  We aren’t really beach people, considering that we’re as white as they come!  Any suggestions on where we should go?


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