Life with the Bs

Weekend Updates


Our chili got us another 1st place win on Friday night at Nolan’s school!  I was hoping for a free week as the grand prize but I was happy with a $75 gift card to BJs.  As they were cleaning up, Nolan decided that he wanted water from one of those beverage dispensers with a spigot.  I told him that they had already put the cups away.  I turn around a second later to see him with this mouth on the spigot!  We cannot bring this boy anywhere!

I went to the post office on Saturday morning and that was my one excursion for the weekend since I ended up with the stomach bug.  Janie made me a card on the way home from church.  I asked what the S/90 meant on the front.  She said that she gave herself a satisfactory since it was kind of messy from making it in the truck.  So funny that she grades herself!

Feb 006cMy mother in law ordered a table runner from Very Jane for me for Christmas.  I got it last week and I just love it!  It’s got chocolate brown chevron on the other side.

Feb 004How funny that it took a post on my single brother to get comments on my blog!  Thanks again to everyone that commented.  I hope you all find that special someone soon!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Updates

  1. I absolutely LOVE that table runner! Hope you’re already feeling better!!

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