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Midweek Randoms

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Sorry, this is all I’ve got today:

  • Nolan asked how long to his birthday this morning.  I said that he still has 6 months but asked what he wants to do.  He said, “I want my party at Papa’s house.”  I asked if he wants his friends to come to Papa’s house and he said, “yeah, I will say this is my friend Papa.”  He loves his Papa!
  • Twice in the past couple of months, I have left the house without doing all of my makeup.  Leaving the house without makeup is not that strange for me.  But leaving the house after doing my hair, putting on a cute outfit and thinking that I have makeup on is quite a shock when you look in the mirror and realized that you have been walking around for hours with no eye makeup on.  This must be a sign of old age!
  • I was really disappointed in the show Parenthood for their abortion story line!  They didn’t even show much emotion with it.  So sad!
  • Janie got the game Hedbanz for Christmas.  Nolan ends up giving someone up each game but it’s still lots of fun.  CAM00489
  • I was really happy with the Private Practice series finale.  They wrapped the show up well!
  • That’s it for now.  Happy Wednesday!

One thought on “Midweek Randoms

  1. I was disappointed in Parenthood too–I mean, it was like they didn’t have any other option, barely discussed it. . .I didn’t like that. Private Practice ended well, and I was ready for it to be done–they didn’t have anyone else to sleep with anyway. . .

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