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Works for me Wednesday

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I’m joining We are THAT Family for Works for me Wednesday.  You know that I love a money saving idea.  Here are two of them that work for us.

No Hem Skinny Jeans – I’m short, about 5’2″, and it’s hard to find pants that are the right length.  I also don’t like having to pay to get things hemmed.  Buying regular skinny jeans worked if I was wearing boots but what if I wanted to wear flats?  I figured out that I can fold them under and they will stay that way.  Works for me!

Jan 2013 007The left side is folded under

We gave up paper towels – Paper towels are expensive!  After reading a number of money saving blogs, I decided that we would “try” to give them up.  I made a drawer of rags – old towels, old t-shirts cut into rags, etc.  They can easily clean up spills and then we just throw them in the wash.  If it’s a really bad mess, we can just toss it out.  It was definitely a change that we needed to get used to at first.  Now, the only time that I notice is when we have a guest over and they ask for a paper towel.   We still buy paper napkins and have no fear, toilet paper is here to stay 🙂

Jan 2013 008Our rag drawer


One thought on “Works for me Wednesday

  1. I am seeing more and more that people are moving away from paper towels, I might have to give it a try!! 🙂

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