Life with the Bs

Slumber Parties and Football

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Where does the weekend go?  We had beautiful weather this weekend so we went to the park on Saturday afternoon.  Nolan was napping so it was just Janie and I.  Seventy degrees in January is not the norm so we had to get out and enjoy it!

CAM00474Janie had a girl scout sleepover on Saturday night.  I don’t know why but it was so hard to leave her… baby is growing up!

CAM00481And this is what happens the day after a sleepover………

CAM00482We went to my mother in law’s house to watch the Falcons game yesterday.  What a stressful game!  I prefer that the Falcons “rise up” prior to the last 30 seconds.  All we could do was pray when it all came down to that kick.

CAM00485After our football filled afternoon, I switched gears to watch the Golden Globes with some girlfriends.  So happy about Homeland’s wins!  One of the only movies that I saw was Silver Linings Playbook.  It was kind of dark but it had my two requirements for a good movie…..dancing and love so I was pretty excited for Jennifer Lawrence.


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