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Cookies and crafts

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We are in the homestretch!  My days have been filled with wrapping, crafting and making cookies (I’m not a baker so I usually do no bake cookies so I can’t call it baking).  Our next two days are class parties… much fun!

I signed up to make cookies for Janie’s class party.  After my research, on Pinterest of course, I came up with these.

Cookies 003They look very cute but they are not really staying together well.  It’s also pouring out so I have no idea how I’m going to get two sheets of these to her classroom.  Luckily, I have some back up cookies.

We’ve also made lots of teacher gifts.  I know it’s so cliche but I really think it’s better to give than receive.  I just love watching people open gifts!

CAM00422These are another “pin” that I found.  I just print them on photo paper at home and they are so cute and perfect for teachers that love their coffee.

We make the ornaments every year.  I just have to remember who already has one from prior years.

CAM00423I love this time of year!


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