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We were party people this weekend!  Family came into town on Thursday night.  Tim and his cousin did some hunting and us girls did some shopping.  On Saturday, we had our Annual Cookie Exchange.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the cookies but I got some of the kids working on their ice cream cone Christmas trees.

CookiesJanie enjoyed eating her creation!

Cookie & Christmas 048After the cookie exchange, we did a quick cleanup/setup to host a Christmas/birthday celebration for Tim’s family.  Tim’s grandpa turns 90 on Christmas eve.  Since some of the family will be out of town, we celebrated on Saturday.  Here’s the birthday boy……

Cookie & Christmas 069CWe do “Santa” presents with Tim’s family.  I don’t know where Santa gets this crazy stuff for us each year!

Cookie & Christmas 074 Cookie & Christmas 080CAs you can see, Tim was super excited about his bald man’s comb.  Ha!

Janie and Nolan loved having Baby Jacob here!  Nolan actually paid attention to him this trip.  He kept asking to “pet Baby Jacob” and even held him once.  Though they are 3 years apart, they are about the same size!

CousinsTomorrow I will be joining the Blogger Day of Silence for Sandy Hook Elementary.  My heart goes out to the community there.  As a parent of a 1st grader, I’m praying for the children that survived and are having to process the horror that they lived through.  I can’t imagine my innocent little girl having to witness any of that.  Prayers for Newtown!


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