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Baby Jesus

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Janie has loved babies since she was a baby herself.  I remember her first Easter, she received a doll.  She was not yet 13 months old and wanted the doll out of the package right away.  She patiently wanted for me to get it out (you know hard it is to get toys out the packaging) and as soon as I handed it to her, she kissed the doll, put it on her shoulder and started rocking back and forth.  It was the cutest thing I had ever seen and luckily, we captured it on video.

This love of babies is even stronger at Christmas.  We always make a special trip to the front of the church after mass once they put the Nativity up.  I have a glass Nativity and Janie wanted to carry baby Jesus around the entire Christmas season.  Then I found this……

Dec 2012 010CIt’s a Little People Nativity!  My kids love to play with it and I don’t mind if they carry this baby Jesus around.  I found it at the Family Christian Bookstore a few years ago for 50% off after Christmas. 

Last year, Janie hosted a baby Jesus birthday party for our family one afternoon over Christmas break.  This year, she is hosting one for her friends at our Cookie Exchange.  I love her spirit and her love for Jesus!


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