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O Christmas Tree


As I mentioned, we got our Christmas tree last week.  It seemed kind of crazy picking out a tree in 70 degree weather.  The guy that carried our tree out had shorts on!

Dec 2012 002cDec 2012 003CI’m excited that we are now filling our tree with homemade ornaments.  It’s so much fun to pull out ornaments with meaning each year.

Dec 2012 012CWe have a red and black tree in the basement for our Bulldogs.  I made the tree skirt with left over batting, ribbon and a glue gun.

Dec 2012 017C

We also have a fiber optic tree that’s in the window above our front door.

To see more Christmas homes, visit Kelly’s Korner Christmas Tour of Homes.



4 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. Pretty tree and pretty living room! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love how much space you leave between the bottom of the tree and the floor– it looks so beautiful AND there’s actually space for presents! I need to write myself a note to do this next year– we never have them cut enough branches off and our presents are squashed!! Your tree looks great!

    • Thanks! It’s funny you say that because when my husband was telling them to cut more branches, I was thinking that they were going too high. We do have lots of room for presents…..I better get to wrapping!

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