Life with the Bs


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Janie loves cats!  She has since she was little.  Unfortunately, her father is not a big fan.  Lucky for her, her nana is so she is able to get some kitty time.

Janie on her first birthday with Nana’s kitty.

Holding my cousin’s kitten when she was 3.

Janie’s girl scout troop collected cans to recycle for money for the animal shelter.  We met at the shelter today to drop off the items that we purchased.  I knew that Janie would have a hard time leaving without a new pet.  When she found out that you need $100 to adopt a pet, I thought that was my out.  Instead she started asking for Santa to bring her $100 so she could adopt a cat.  And then she held this sweet thing…

Dec 2012 035cAnd she cried all the way home because we left empty handed.  She really wants to take Nolan to the shelter.  I think she’s hoping that he will help her work on Tim!


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