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I like to watch TV.  Here are a few of my favorite shows right now:

The Voice – I really love this show (and Adam Levine).  My favorites this year are Nicholas and Amanda.  I really liked Cody too.  I think Team CeeLo was great this season!

Catfish – Have you watched this?  If not, you should!  It’s about people who meet online and then meet in real life (sometimes after years of “talking” online).  Most are nothing like what they claim to be.  The unfortunate thing is that one of them has fallen in love with someone that is not real.  So sad and good to watch 😉

Homeland – Tim and I just started watching this On Demand.  It’s so good!  I’ve liked Claire Danes since My So Called Life so I feel like I have a special bond with her.  I’m so happy to find a show that both Tim and I enjoy.

Homeland - homeland Wallpaper

Parenthood – I’ve watched this since it started and it’s a really great show.  Although, it makes me cry almost every episode.

What are your favorite shows?


One thought on “TV Shows

  1. Parenthood is my FAVORITE show on TV right now. I laugh, cry, and relate to most of it!! 🙂

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