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Eating Habits

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When I attended the boot camp back in May, I learned really quickly that there were a number of eating habits that I had to break:

  1. Don’t refill your cereal bowl when you have milk left.  I was eating about 3 servings of cereal each morning, definitely not the way to start your day.
  2. Snack on proteins (almonds are my favorite), fruits or veggies.  Carbs are a bad choice for snacking.
  3. When your kids don’t clean their plates, you don’t need to clean it for them.  As you know, I like to save money and seeing food go down the drain does not make me happy.  However, no waist line doesn’t make me happy either. You must pay attention to serving size and not grab that last chicken nugget off of your kid’s plate.
  4. As a mom, I tend to get busy and forget to eat.  You should really be fueling your body every 3 – 4 hours.  We need 3 meals and 2 snacks each day.
  5. It’s okay to have a treat!  You should still log it and not consider the whole day a loss when you do.

These were some of my biggest issues.  I will do another post on the eating plan that my trainer suggested.

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