Life with the Bs

Thanksgiving 2012

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Our Thanksgiving break was spent eating, shopping and hanging out with the family.  I got to host my first Thanksgiving this year!  My mom’s oven is broken so I said that we would be happy to host.  Tim smoked the turkey and it was very good.  The cousins had a blast playing, mostly outside because it was 70 degrees!

I’m not a black Friday shopper.  I enjoy my sleep too much to give it up for shopping.  However, I made a quick run to Michael’s yesterday.  We got most of our Christmas decorations out and my mother in law and I did some yard work.  I also did a little shopping today.  I’m happy to say that I have completed most of my Christmas shopping.  I try to shop all year so I don’t feel stressed and don’t spend a ton of money at one time.

We’ve had a nice little break!  Tim has worked a lot in the last month so it’s nice to get some family time.


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