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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is Thursday (I hope that’s not news to anyone!)  Janie is out of school this week so she’s keeping busy with play dates and planning on a sleep over with a friend tonight.

I always try to clean out toys before Christmas.  I thought I would let the kids help so I sent them to their rooms with a bag to pick some things that they would like to donate to kids that don’t have a lot of toys.

I obviously have a giver and the other not so much!  Some of the stuff that Nolan is willing to give, he just got!  I think my toy purge needs to be after bedtime.

I’ve shared my love of my Nook.  I don’t purchase many ebooks though because they are so expensive (although Barnes and Noble hosts Free Fridays).  A new site, eReaderGirl, was launched with inexpensive or free ebooks.  So excited to check it out!

Yesterday, Nolan was helping me clean and we were moving stuff around so we could vacuum (the boy loves to vacuum).  He said that he could carry the heavy things because he is a strong boy.  I replied, “so I’m just a wimpy girl?”  He said, “yeah, you’re a lumpy girl.”  And all night, he called me a lumpy girl!


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