Life with the Bs


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Instead of worrying about what we’re serving, seating and buying Christmas presents (I’m guilty too), we need to think about the things that we are thankful for on Thanksgiving.  I mean, that is the name of the holiday after all 🙂  I’m thankful for my family and healthy children, of course.  But in this economy with so many people struggling, what I’m most thankful for is a job.  And not just any job, a job that allows to provide for my family while working from home with a great boss that I have worked with my entire career.  A job that allows me to be here when Janie gets off the bus and help in her classroom on occasion.  A job that is so flexible that I can attend parades, performances and eat lunch with my kids.  Yes, it’s still work but I’m so thankful that I have it.


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