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In May, a neighbor and I decided to take a boot camp that’s offered in our neighborhood.  It was a 6 week program with a trainer.  They met twice a week but one of the days I already took a Zumba class so I decided to just do one day a week.  I’m 5’2 and was a size 8.  I was looking to lose about 10lbs and tone up a bit.  The trainer had everyone use for tracking meals.  She also gave us some guidelines and a suggested meal plan to follow.  I took Zumba one day, worked out hard with the trainer one day and met a few of the fellow boot campers on Saturday morning for a third workout.  By the end of the six week boot camp, I lost 10lbs and over 30 inches.  I was really happy with that but I decided to continue charting and follow the guidelines that she had given us.  By August, I had lost 25lbs and was wearing a size 4!  I have NEVER been a size 4.  Yes, I was a size 2 in high school but skipped size 4.  I carry most of my weigh in my hips and below, your standard pear shape.  For the first time since I was a teen, I can grab a pair of jeans off the rack and they fit comfortably.

I am still charting during the week.  I have decided to take the weekends off.  I’m not working out as much as I would like but I get 1 – 2 workouts in each week.  I’m pretty proud of my progress and I’m determined to maintain it.  I know that the holidays may be a challenge but I have the tools so I feel pretty confident.

As my trainer said, it’s not about the hour that you spend in the gym but what you do the other 23 hours of the day.  Diet is really the main part of losing the weight.  I will do more posts on the eating habits that I’ve had to break and the ones that I’ve picked up on this journey.


3 thoughts on “25lbs

  1. I love this!!! I have always wanted to do Boot Camp but I can never find one that fits with my schedule! I’m so proud of you for doing it the right way–I’m not a fan of the fad diet–it’s all about your lifestyle, you have to make a conscious effort to change it, and it is NOT easy when you have kids! WAY TO GO LAURA!!

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