Life with the Bs

Big Day

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It’s a big day for this great nation.  I’m praying for the best outcome!

This morning, Nolan didn’t like my answer to something and said, “I’m not your best mommy anymore!”  I guess that would have hurt if he was my mom 🙂

Nolan loves Chutes and Ladders.  We played last night and he gets so into it.  He got the big ladder followed by the big chute three times in a row!

Janie was getting frustrated with a math problem yesterday.  She said, “this is really getting on my nerds!”  That made me laugh as I typed it!

I got Halloween costumes for the kids for next year at Walgreens for $6 for both of them!  Hopefully they’ll fit in a year!

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here so soon!


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